Heppner Mural

This is the entire mural as it now stands. The first half (to the right) is the town of Heppner before the 1904 floods wiped out all but the yellow brick building on the far right and the two stone buildings to the far left of that section. All the rest was lost along with over 200 lives! That section is 17 feet tall and 110 feet long and took about two months to complete.

The second section to the far left is 35 feet tall and 128 feet long. This mural is on the side of the Heppner Farm Museum (a no longer used grain storage facility) and is in downtown Heppner, Oregon on the road between Irrigon and John Day, Oregon.

Another view of the second section.

Toppenish Murals

This is the first mural Robert painted completely by himself. It is located on the side of the Nampa Building, and is 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. It depicts what the locals believe is the house that belonged to a local Indian chief.

This is part of the Toppenish Railroad Mural.

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